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Features and Pricing

Key Features

Access to My Account Manage your account, orders, messages, rewards and more
Easy Login One-click login using your social media accounts
Email Notification Receive order, invoices and messages direct to your email
SMS Notification Receive instant sms notification to keep you updated about your order, free of charge
Payment Record Once your payment is received, we will send you a copy of your payment record
EasyFill Convenient order placement, fill up an item in less than 10 seconds
Online Payment Pay with ease by Credit Card or PayPal
Buyer's Privacy Your information are kept private unless Aerobeans have your consent
Seller Communication Aerobeans handles communication with the seller about your order
Up-to-date Forex Rates Pay in local currency based on the latest MB2U Forex rates. Learn more
Dispute Resolution Aerobeans works closely with Taobao to resolve disputes.
Parcels Packed and Shipped Parcels are packed and shipped without being opened to prevent loss of items.
Deliver to Your Doorstep Just sit back and relax while waiting for your goods to come to you
Returns or Exchange Aerobeans do not support returns or exchange of items currently. Learn more
Domestic Tracking Track the real-time status and location of your items within China
International Tracking Track the real-time status and location of your items when shipped internationally
Tax Insurance Aerobeans do not provide coverage for custom duties, but chances are very small 0-5%
Tax Risk Reduction You can choose to use the Sensitive Rate to reduce risk of tax. Learn more
Support Get support response within 1 working day about any feedback or enquiries

Handling Fees

With the benefits above, our handling fee schedule per order (one order can have more than one item) is as below:

(3.5% + RM2 convenience fee for payment via PayPal / Credit Card)

Note: Handling Fee is charged based on goods price + China Local Shipping Charges, excluding International Shipping Charges

Total Price Calculation

Total Price = [(Goods Price + China Local Shipping) + Handling Fee] + International Shipping

And... that's all, no hidden fees, nothing else.

International Shipping Fee Schedule

>> Due to reduced number of flights available in this pandemic, temporary fuel surcharge applies for all air freight until further notice (refer website top banner for rates)

West Malaysia
19.50 0-10 kg    
18.00 > = 11 kg 90 First 0.1m3
West Malaysia
30.00 0-10 kg + 50 Add 0.1m3
28.50 > = 11 kg    
East Malaysia
31.50 0-10 kg    
30.00 > = 11 kg 350 First 0.5m3
East Malaysia
42.00 0-10 kg + 70 Add 0.1m3
40.50 > = 11 kg    
Delivery Time (Hub - Address) 5 - 12 Days 18 - 30 Days
Note Long Parcel Fee: RM150 (>120cm) Total m3 of Parcels, Tax insured. Remote East MY add RM25-50

  • Volumetric Weight: Volumetric Weight = Dimensions of parcel (width X length X height) in cm / 6000. When it exceeds your actual weight, volumetric weight will be used to calculate Air Freight Charges (only on Air Freight).
  • Pricing Unit: Air Freight = 1kg (rounded up); Sea Freight = 0.1m3 (rounded up)
  • Normal Rate: This is the normal delivery rate for normal goods class.
  • Sensitive Rate: This rate applies to sensitive goods class. By using this rate, the chance of being taxed is reduced.

Goods Classes

  • There are basically three classes:
  • Restricted Goods: Goods that are restricted from air freight, including but not limited to Explosives, Gases, Flammable Liquid, Flammable Solid, Oxidisers & Organic Peroxides, Toxis & Infectious Substances, Radioactive Material, Corrosives, Vehicles, Toxic, Environment Hazard, Counterfeit Currency or Notes, Tobacco, Weapons, Drugs, Animals and etc. Goods are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Sensitive Goods: Goods under this class have a slightly higher chance to be taxed. Branded or Fake branded goods, Electronic Goods (includes bluetooth, memory cards, clocks/watches, earphones etc), Musical Instruments (including guitar and etc), Battery Substance, Cosmetics, Liquid, Powdered Substance, Food, Organic items (animals, plants, fur, feathers etc) Pharmaceuticals, Magnet Substance, CD/DVD, Radio Signal Transmitting Devices, mahjong / playing cards and etc. Goods are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Normal Goods: All Goods other than listed as Sensitive Goods or Restricted Goods