Now you can also pay by E-Wallet (TouchNGo/Boost/GrabPay/ShopeePay etc). Temporary air freight fuel surcharge = 35% (Air freight fee x 1.35) (WhatsApp Us).

The Aerobeans Rewards Program

How to earn?

  • Registration Reward: 100 points
    You get 100 pts just by signing up!
  • Review Reward: 60 points (Order >= RM100)
    Submit a review after receiving your goods, regardless of good/bad/long/short, once we read it, you get 60 pts!

How to use?

  • 200 points = RM5.00
  • Can be used to discount shipping fees at Aerobeans.

Membership Growth

Accumulate purchase for more discounts!

  • Item Purchase >= RM1000 : Silver Member Enjoy 5% discount on handling fees
  • Item Purchase >= RM3000 : Gold Member Enjoy 10% discount on handling fees
  • Item Purchase >= RM5000 : Platinum Member Enjoy 20% discount on handling fees

Stay tuned for more ways to earn more points!