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Online shoppers can now enjoy shopping for almost everything they need. Taobao, which the Chinese equivalent of Amazon in Southeast Asia, is the newest online shopping hub enjoyed by thousands of shoppers in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region. Taobao sells an assortment of products from China. All their products have excellent quality but are relatively inexpensive compared to others.

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Why Purchase from Taobao Daigou?

However, before they can buy any product from Taobao, shoppers are required to have bank accounts in China. Moreover, most accredited Taobao sellers do not ship directly in Malaysia. That is why, the best way to shop Malaysian customers can shop is through a third-party Taobao daigou agents. These accredited agents will purchase the products on their behalf and ship those products to their indicated address.

Agents such as can help customers buy products from Taobao. In partnership with a forwarding agent, all orders and consolidated and stored in a warehouse in China. The storage cost is usually free. The best thing about the consolidated package is that all the products purchased are shipped to Malaysia in bulk. 

Hence, the applicable forwarding charges are much cheaper than shipping the products individually from China. The forwarding charges are usually allocated based on the weight of the product you purchase in relation to the total weight of the consolidated package. The Taobao daigou agents will then arrange your purchase to be delivered to the Malaysia address you specified.

However, as accredited agents only act as consolidating point to receive, consolidate, and ship all orders to the customers, it is important for customers to review their orders thoroughly. Furthermore, shoppers must be familiar with the list of restricted products and prohibited items so that they can shop without a glitch.


Why Choose Aerobeans?

When you shop through, you will be connected to the online supergiant shopping platform in the mainland China. From their site, you can source our limited edition items and other products as gifts to your friends, family, and special someone. Malaysian entrepreneurs can also make a means to source out products for their business.

Aerobeans remain as the most trusted Taobao agent in Malaysia because your payments are automatically converted using the latest foreign exchange rates. You can also check on the status of your order easily. Just login to your account and you can see the status of your purchases, whether they are still aboard an airplane from China or on a truck on their way to your address.

Furthermore, when you shop Taobao products through Aerobeans, you are given corresponding reward points. You can accumulate these points as use as discounts on your next purchase. You can also earn points by posting a review on their website.

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Shopping is So Easy!

Take your time to wander around the site and explore thousands of Taobao products that really stand out. You will be surprised that their products are unique and quite inexpensive. Simply fill up the details in the Order Form to pick out the products you want.

It is so easy to pay. You can pay in the local Malaysian currency for the price of the goods and delivery charges. Aerobeans will then order the products for you at the Taobao website. However, if the product you want to purchase is unavailable, you will get a refund.

Wherever you are in Malaysia, you can seize the opportunity to purchase high quality, unique, and inexpensive products from Taobao through Depending on your location, your order will be delivered to you within four to ten days.


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