2024-05-21 Sea freight shipping rate updated. (WhatsApp Us).

Delivery and Taxes


  • After you place your order with us, there will be basically two stages of delivery:
  • China Local Shipping: From original Taobao seller to our hub in Guangzhou (Shipping charge will be paid together with goods at first payment)
  • International Shipping: From hub to you

Delivery Destination

As of currently, Aerobeans delivers to all location within Malaysia including both east and west Malaysia.

Delivery Method

Delivery from our hub in Guangzhou to you will be by air freight. We might look into adding sea freight in the future, so, stay tuned.

Delivery Time

For China Local Shipping, it will take around 1-5 days to arrive at our hub in Guangzhou depending on the original Taobao seller's location. For International Shipping from our hub to you, it will take around but not limited to 5-10 days depending on your receiving address within Malaysia. Goods classified as Sensitive Goods might take longer time (normally a delay of 2-3 days) to deliver due to customs clearance processes. There might be other factors affecting the delivery time but Aerobeans will work closely with our logistic partner to resolve the issue and ensure it is delivered to you in shortest time possible.

Tracking your Order

Once your order is shipped, you can track your order in your account to see where is the location of your goods.

Loss or Damage in Delivery

Your goods are tracked by our logistic partner from time to time to ensure it is not lost in delivery. In the event of loss, Aerobeans will work with our logistic partner to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Currently, our logistic partner does not offer shipping insurance on damage when your goods is being delivered. Therefore, you are encouraged to avoid buying goods that are fragile or easily broken. However, you can also place a remark in your order form to ask the original Taobao seller to pack some buffering materials for you for example newspaper, sponge or styrofoam materials.

Delivery Charges

China Local Shipping Charges: From the original Taobao seller to our hub at Guangzhou 广州, it is normally around RMB8-12 per 1st kg depending on the original Taobao seller's location. You can get the charges from the Taobao item page shown below. If you are buying more than one quantity or if the item is heavy, the actual charges might be higher than the charges displayed.

Taobao Seller Delivery

  • International Shipping Charges: Charges are per kg. Sensitive and Normal goods are different in rates.
  • Normal Rate: This is the normal delivery rate for normal goods class.
  • Sensitive Rate: This rate applies to sensitive goods class. By using this rate, the chance of being taxed is reduced. If the item is taxed, your tax payable could be covered up to 50%. (on a case-by-case basis)

Volumetric Weight

If your goods physical dimensions (width X length X height) in cm / 6000 exceeds your goods weight, the volumetric weight will be used as the calculation for your International Shipping Charges.

Paying Delivery Charges

After your goods arrive at our hub, we will update the exact weight of your goods in your order and you will be notified via email about the total weight and charges payable. Then, you may pay accordingly to the shipping fee. Your goods will be despatched immediately when we receive your payment / Cheque cleared. Also, you can choose to prepay your International Delivery Charges together with your goods by doing a rough estimation on the weight of your goods. We will refund the excess amount to you if you have paid extra.


There are chances that your goods might be taxed during customs clearance when entering Malaysian borders. Aerobeans does not cover tax charged on your item. We will notify you and provide the tax documents for you to pay the tax amount. However, the chance of your goods being taxed is very small, down to around 0-5%. You can also avoid this by separating large quantities of goods into several orders or use the Sensitive Rate to reduce the risk.